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We work with hospitality businesses of all shapes and sizes. From local, independent cafes and pubs to well-known chain restaurants, our virtual brands can fit into any kitchen operation. 

As long as you have a professional kitchen, we can help you increase your profits.
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We work with two types of partners: which one are you?

Independent partners

From family-run burger joints to a local pizza place, we work with independent partners across the hospitality spectrum. As long as you have a professional kitchen, we can help you boost your income.

Enterprise partners

From chain restaurants and cafes to caterers and university kitchens, we work with a variety of enterprise partners. Using your existing equipment, kitchen, and staff, you can make thousands more each month with  virtual brands.
“When I was approached by PWB they estimated an average of 100 orders a week. 10 months in and we’re receiving 300+ orders a week.”
Atanaska's Mexican Restaurant
“I give Peckwater Brands a 10/10. If you’re already in the shop, why not make more money from your existing cost base. If I can do it, you can!”
Bahri's Kebab House
“I have seen it do well here, I’ve seen it do well in other places and I think it’s a very smart business idea and it’s very simple”
Deluxe Pizza Restaurant
“Partnering with Peckwater Brands was the best decision I’ve ever made. I wouldn’t have gotten this far without them.”
Suresh's Indian Restaurant
“The concept is genius! I have no doubt that PWB will be in thousands of locations in no time at all.”
Ritto’s Restaurant
“I am only 30 days in but the results have been great thus far! Peckwater brands makes the Virtual Brands process real easy.”
Carlos' Mongolian BBQ Restaurant
“I would really recommend Peckwater Brands. It’s so easy to do alongside your business and the team is really nice and helpful.”
Mumtaz' Turkish Grill
“My experience with the company is amazing. It’s more like my business family now.”
Bhasker's Fish and Chip Shop
“I wanted to see if I could get another income stream. We opened the brand here and it did so well and had great results.”
Ama’s Kitchen
“Peckwater’s menus are simple and easy to operate, meaning less stress on the guys in the kitchen and more time to focus on making amazing food!”
S&B Cafe
“You guys do a great job. I have Seoul Chikin and Flip the Bird at the moment and for me it is perfect.”
Allen's Fried Chicken Takeaway

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Enterprise success stories

Our enterprise partners see strong results from using our virtual brands. Take a look at these success stories to see for yourself!
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Should you join Peckwater Brands?

We know a thing or two about launching a successful virtual brand. From designing logos to creating menus and recipes, we pay close attention to detail to create top-quality virtual food brands for restaurants. 

You’re in good hands if you work with Peckwater Brands. Our partners watch their online orders roll in and their income grow by thousands every month! So what are you waiting for? Let’s start boosting your profits.
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