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About us

We're on a mission to improve the quality of food delivery! Peckwater follows a simple model: interrogate delivery data from across the UK to understand the latest foods and flavors, then identify underlying consumer motivations to inform our branding.

“Our brands have been delighting consumers across the UK and the USA,  look out for our delicious food launching near you!”

Flip The Bird

This is for the chicken lovers. The one napkin ain't enough-ers. The lick-it-off-your-bucket-listers. People who love the warm breeze of a freshly-delivered box-load, like nothing else. Because this is the deep-fried, down-and-dirty, good-and-proper, fowl-mouthed, juicy-tender good stuff.

Seoul Chikin

They say that Seoul is powered by it's street food, and there's nowhere better than Bamdokkaebi Night Market in Hangang Park. Coming straight from our Ajusshi's most successful recipes our aim is to fill you up and fuel you up for the night ahead!

The Elephant Run

Delivering fresh takes on curry house classics, tikka chance on me! We've perfected our street food-inspired fillers to keep you motoring. Served up first in the North of England and now across the UK, we only have one mission- to keep korma and curry on!

Say Queso

Modern Mexican cuisine, bursting with traditional flavour - featuring burritos, bowls, tacos, and a super cheesy queso dip that you'll want to put on everything!


Join us on our journey! We're a team of founders, of grafters, of roll-up-your-sleevers, and we want you to join us.

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