Meet the team

At Peckwater Brands, we have a team of people that are passionate about combining food with new technologies. Everyone has a slightly different background, meaning we all bring something unique to the table. Together, we’re changing the way the food delivery sector operates — one virtual brand at a time. Find out more about our team below  - including our favourite takeaways!
People at restaurant having fun and Pizza

Sam Martin

Sam's weakness? Piping hot Pad Thai from his go-to Thai spot.

Executive Chair

Leo Bradshaw

Leo's over-the-top love for Mexican food knows no bounds.

VP Commercial Development

Ruw Seevaratnam

Ruw's guilty pleasure: katsu curry from his favorite takeaway joint.

People Director

Janet Klin

Janet embraces healthy eats of all kinds.

Growth & Marketing Lead

Aron Lewis

Aron loves his favorite Chinese takeout: Kai-Feng.

Expansion Director

Oliver Henry

Oliver's pick-me-up: warm and crispy fish and chips.

Performance Management Lead UK

Courtney Mackenzie

Courtney is all about that ice cream life—creamy goodness overload!

Finance Director

Rajesh Sengani

Rajesh's heart beats for diverse Indian flavors.

Product Director

Mike O'Keefe

Mike's ultimate fix? Loaded nachos with cheese, jalapenos, and salsa!

Managing Director - Marketplaces

Paul McManus

Paul's taste buds crave fiery gosht karahi curry.

Operations Management Lead UK

Richard O'Grady

Rich has a reputation for ordering two mains from the local Chinese joint.

Business Development Lead UK

Joe Harker

Joe loves a big bowl of Ramen or Pho - it's always a winner for him!