Atanaska's Mexican Restaurant

Learn how we helped a Mexican restaurant hit a 23% month-on-month growth with our virtual brands.
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The challenge

With the pandemic putting a halt to dine-in customers, Atanaska’s Mexican restaurant had to diversify their income. Delivery sales alone simply couldn’t sustain the costs of keeping the restaurant open. 

Atanaska also wanted to keep valuable staff in the business. Her plan was to make sure they had a fully trained team by the time the restaurant was allowed to re-open for dine-in customers.

Atanaska's Mexican Restaurant

The solution

We approached Atanaska with a set of three competitive virtual brands. The brands matched customer demand in the local area, and we offered complete staff training and marketing. 

Being impressed with the quality of photography and the minimal equipment needed to run the food-delivery service, Atanaska made the decision to launch with Peckwater. The restaurant now uses four of our virtual brands and receives over 300+ orders per week.

Atanaska's Mexican Restaurant
“When I was approached by PWB they estimated an average of 100 orders a week. 10 months in and we’re receiving 300+ orders a week.”
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