November 2, 2021

How to Set-up a Loyalty Scheme for your Deliveroo and UberEats Customers

With food delivery an integral part of so many restaurant franchise’s operations – setting up a successful customer loyalty scheme is vital.


These schemes allow businesses to simultaneously attract new customers and ensure existing regulars feel valued. Without a “bricks and mortar” location, loyalty schemes keep your virtual food brand at the top of diners’ minds.


Today, we explain what customer loyalty schemes are, why they matter – and how to set-up your own program with Deliveroo and UberEats.


What exactly is a customer loyalty scheme?


Before we get into the details of setting up loyalty schemes for Deliveroo and UberEats, it’s worthwhile explaining exactly what this is.


In short, a restaurant franchise loyalty program is any activity that tracks the spending of repeat customers – with a view to incentivising spend with further rewards. This usually takes the form of points or vouchers exchanged for more food and drink with the restaurant.


Common loyalty scheme rewards include free menu items, percentage discounts or even exclusive menu items and food delivery discounts.


What are the benefits of customer loyalty schemes?


Loyalty schemes really work. Studies by the Gartner Group have identified the importance of focusing on customer retention over customer acquisition. Indeed, it’s estimated that 80% of future profits come from just 20% of a businesses’ existing customers.


This means the growth many ghost kitchen brands are seeking is right there already! Your existing customers are waiting to be rewarded and cultivated into loyal regulars.


What’s more, a Bain study has shown that scaling loyal customers by as little as 5% can grow your sales by as much as 75%. Whether you’re running a virtual kitchen brand or traditional restaurant, loyalty and rewards programs are key.


So, how can you set-up a loyalty scheme for your Deliveroo and UberEats customers?


How to create a food delivery loyalty scheme


Uber Eats


UberEats provides detailed step-by-step instructions for food franchises creating a loyalty program.


With the use of their loyalty program, your restaurant franchise will have special branding within the UberEats app and search results. This will help your business attract new customers and stand out from the crowd.


To create your loyalty program, it’s best to define your goals in advance. After logging onto the UberEats management site, you can either select an “order-based” or “spend-based” program. 

You can then select the number of orders or total dollar spend that will result in rewards.

The last element is deciding what these rewards consist of – and then simply submitting your choices. That’s it!




Deliveroo runs a rewards scheme with a digital stamp card program – allowing restaurant franchise partners to reward loyal customers.


To use the service as a virtual kitchen brand, you’ll need to select “rewards” in the marketer section of Deliveroo’s Restaurant Hub. It’s as simple as clicking “Join Rewards Now” and choosing which of your franchises you’d like to sign-up


The scheme works by giving customers “stamps” every time they place a qualifying order over £15. They must make another two similar orders within 30 days to earn another reward from your restaurant franchise. 

Once customers have completed their stamp card (with 3/3 stamps) – they have 30 days to redeem their £6 reward.


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