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Our service

We analyse market data to create high-quality, exciting concepts which stay ahead of food trends. Our branding is then designed by the best in the market to wow the customers!  Finally, our chefs strategically develop menus to have fewer ingredients, bought more cheaply and less waste.

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We fit around your existing operations

Step 1

We build fully operational concepts

We’re industry experts using delivery data to build on-trend consumer-friendly menus. Everything is included, from photos to packaging.

Step 2

You select brands that match your service

We use local demand data to match you with a brand, then we onboard you with our suppliers to get the best deals.

Step 3

We train you and your team

Our Head Chefs train your staff and your dedicated Franchise Manager helps you optimise performance and grow sales.

Step 4

Together we launch and help you grow

We invest in promotions and marketing, and we continually update our recipes and retrain your team.