Suresh's Indian Restaurant

Learn how Queen’s Kitchen grew their income and experienced a 29% monthly growth with virtual brands.
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The challenge

Prior to becoming the owner of Queen’s Kitchen, Suresh was working as a contractor in IT and had no experience in running a restaurant apart from his love of Indian food. The weekend trade kept the restaurant busy, but weekdays were a challenge. Suresh wanted to figure out a way to increase his income and cover the cost of slower days during the week. 

Suresh's Indian Restaurant

The solution

Suresh partnered with Peckwater Brands to maximise his kitchen capacity. Queen’s Kitchen had serious competition in the area. After finding a gap in the market, we successfully launched three virtual brands. 

Our operations team also audited Suresh’s existing kitchen and offered ways to improve the layout. As a result, Suresh has been able to streamline his operations and improve the service for his dine-in customers.

Suresh's Indian Restaurant
“Partnering with Peckwater Brands was the best decision I’ve ever made. I wouldn’t have gotten this far without them.”
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