Deluxe Pizza Restaurant

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The challenge

Hamdi, the owner of Deluxe Pizza, is a tech-driven individual who knew that food delivery and virtual brands were the way forward. However, having not seen Peckwater Brands in action, he was hesitant to sign up.

With a limited amount of kitchen space and staff, he didn’t want anything too complicated. The worst case scenario was launching a food-delivery service that took up too much space and prevented his team from delivering top-quality food in his restaurant.

Deluxe Pizza Restaurant

The solution

After doing some research and talking to the Peckwater team, Hamdi decided that we were the best fit for his business. Our model takes up a small amount of space in his kitchen, and we designed our menus so that ingredients overlap by 95%. This means Hamdi gets the additional revenue, but his main focus can remain his own pizzeria. Our brands now bring an additional £17k+ per month to Deluxe Pizza.

Deluxe Pizza Restaurant
“I have seen it do well here, I’ve seen it do well in other places and I think it’s a very smart business idea and it’s very simple”
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