No-nonsense, fresh-to-order, triple-breaded fillets that will make your mouth water at each crunch.
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Classic Chicken Burger
We top our super crunchy, triple breaded, juicy chicken burger with mayo, pickles and lettuce. Classic! 
Saucy BBQ Chicken Burger
Feelin’ saucy? Our classic crispy triple breaded chicken burger covered in rich BBQ sauce and American cheese - with mayo, lettuce, pickles and fresh slaw
Flying Buffalo Chicken Burger
What could be better than triple breaded fried chicken smothered in buffalo sauce and American cheese? With mayo, lettuce and pickles
Garlic Mayo Burger
Vampires beware - this oh-so crispy tripled breaded chicken burger has got garlic mayo all over! With American cheese mayo, lettuce and pickles
Cluckin’ Chilli Chicken Burger
Heating things up with PWB signature chilli sauce on our triple breaded crunch-worthy chicken burger. With American cheese, mayo, lettuce and pickles
BBQ Chicken Wings
Tossed in a rich, classic BBQ sauce - topped with spring onion 
Buffalo Chicken Wings
Tossed in our zingy buffalo sauce - topped with spring onion
Chilli Hot Chicken Wings
Tossed in chilli hot sauce - topped with spring onion
Flippin’ Chicken Strips
Juicy strips of chicken smacked with ultra crispy coating and served with your choice of sauce
Hot and crispy, seasoned to perfection
Sweet Potato Fries
Sweet and simple, perfectly seasoned
Loaded Fries
Our hot and crispy fries loaded up with your choice of Buffalo, BBQ or Hot Chilli sauce
Crispy Chicken Salad
A hand-breaded, crispy-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside chicken strips on a bed of lettuce, slaw, garlic croutons and spring onion. Served with a side of Ranch dressing and spicy mayo
Crunch Time Slaw
Crunchy cabbage, daikon, onion, and carrot in a spicy slaw dressing
BBQ, Buffalo, Spicy Mayo and Garlic Mayo 
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