Virtual brands for cafes

At Peckwater Brands, we help cafe owners (just like you) to launch virtual brands and grow your income. We’ll review your capacity, equipment, kitchen space, and ingredients to find the right virtual brands for your business. Then, we’ll help you launch the brands and provide ongoing support when you’re live.

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Whatever type of café you operate, we can help

From a local, family-run cafe to a modern roastery, we help cafe of all shapes and sizes to launch virtual brands.

How cafe owners benefit from working with us

Our cafe partners see hundreds of extra delivery orders and grow their income by thousands every month. Why? Because we put the time, effort, and thought into helping you launch the right virtual brand for your business. We look at local trends, provide on-site training, and give you all the support you need to run a virtual kitchen. Plus, we select virtual brands that overlap ingredients with your existing food to keep costs down and reduce your food waste.

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How cafe owners benefit from working with us

We fit around your existing operations


We pair you with the right virtual brand

We analyse market data, review your capacity, and consider your current ingredients to find you the right virtual brand.

We have a simple onboarding process

Our onboarding process is simple to minimise disruption to your business. Find out how the onboarding process works.

We customise our training for your team

Our training is customised for your team. We cover how our tech works, what our menus include, and how to make the food.

We’re on-hand for support

We provide 24/7 emergency support. You’ll also have a performance executive to assist with any operational needs.
S&B Cafe
“Peckwater’s menus are simple and easy to operate, meaning less stress on the guys in the kitchen and more time to focus on making amazing food!”
S&B Cafe
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Should you join Peckwater Brands?

We know a thing or two about launching a successful virtual brand. From designing logos to creating menus and recipes, we pay close attention to detail to create top-quality virtual food brands for restaurants. 

You’re in good hands if you work with Peckwater Brands. Our partners watch their online orders roll in and their income grow by thousands every month! So what are you waiting for? Let’s start boosting your profits.
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