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Peckwater is building the leading kitchen operating platform for virtual brands across the world. We’re growing fast and helping over 600+ food operators to boost their income and grow their business! Find out how our business model works, who our existing investors are, and how you can be part of the journey.
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What we've achieved


active sites across 8 countries


year-on-year growth for the last 3 years


category leader in virtual brands across Europe

Peckwater Brands Investors

We have support from some of the best names around the world. From consumer-growth investors to one of the largest pub chains in the UK, our team of investors is helping us grow and develop every day. 
Fuel Ventures is a UK-based early-stage tech investor. The organisation is hands-on with their support, helping fast-growing companies to achieve their goals.
Pembroke VCT is a UK-based consumer growth investor. They support companies they believe in, helping founders to bring their vision to life and grow their business.
Stonegate Group is the UK’s largest pub company with over 4,500 sites across the country. As a business in the hospitality sector, Stonegate has first-hand knowledge and experience of how the industry operates.
SoftBank Investments is a leading Japanese tech investor. They invest in companies with long-term sustainability and a clear competitive advantage. 

Our business model

We’re transforming the way hospitality businesses approach the delivery market.


By helping our partners provide consumers with the food that they want, when they want it - all whilst supporting kitchen owners with the logistics of running a food-delivery operation.

From branding and consumer research to designing menus and training staff, we handle all the work behind the scenes so our partners can run a smooth and successful operation.

We’re working with over 600+ across the UK and around the globe — and we’re still growing. If you’re thinking about supporting us, now’s the time to do it.

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Our team

The Peckwater team is passionate about combining food with new technologies. We have a variety of experience in different sectors, meaning that we all bring a fresh and unique perspective to the table. Together, we’re changing the way the food delivery sector operates — one virtual brand at a time!
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