Mumtaz' Turkish Grill

Find out how Sultan Turkish Grill got 1000+ food orders in the first 7 weeks of using virtual brands.
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The challenge

Mumtaz knew there was value in adding virtual brands to his restaurant. His challenge was creating the brands. He wasn’t sure exactly how to maximise margins and how to run his dine-in restaurant at the same time.

Mumtaz' Turkish Grill

The solution

When he heard about Peckwater Brands, he gave it a try. With ready-made, high-quality virtual brands that fit into any kitchen, it was the perfect fit. 

Mumtaz launched three of our chicken brands. Within seven weeks of being live, the brands made 1000+ successful orders. Our virtual brands gave Mumtaz the time to focus on his own restaurant while reaping the financial rewards of running virtual brands.

Mumtaz' Turkish Grill
“I would really recommend Peckwater Brands. It’s so easy to do alongside your business and the team is really nice and helpful.”
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