Case study

Mongolian BBQ restaurant

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Miami, Florida, USA

The challenge

Carlos was worried by the unprecedented food cost inflation that the restaurant industry is currently experiencing. He was conscious of not wanting to raise his prices to account for these rising costs as he knew his customers could only afford to pay so much. In addition, he was also struggling with the increased cost of labour and therefore was finding it financially difficult to retain staff.

The solution

Rather than increasing his prices and potentially losing loyal customers, Carlos decided to expand his business by adding Papi Taco, Rebel Rito and Fiesta Mexico to his kitchen. This decision has transformed his business and helped to ease the financial burdens that he was facing.  From the moment that he started running our brands, the revenue came in immediately and it has only been increasing ever since. He can now run his own business comfortably, whilst benefiting from a new customer base that our virtual brands have provided.

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