Case study

Hanworth kebab house

Monthly average added revenue
Month on month growth
Marketplace average rating
I give Peckwater Brands a 10 out of 10. If you’re already in the shop why not make more money from your existing cost base. If I can do it, you can!!!

The Challenge

Bahri has 20 years of experience in Hospitality so he can recognise a good concept when he sees one. As with others he found himself with under utilised kitchen space and a labour margin that could be lower if the volume of sales was higher. Partnering up with Peckwater Brands also allowed Hanworth Kebab House to learn more about the delivery industry.

The Solution

We introduced 2 virtual brands according to the existing market gap in the area and that are proven to run well alongside a main Kebab cuisine type offer. The team was impressed that a lot of the ingredients were already on their main menu which made training easier as well as allowing them to launch quicker.

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