Bhasker's Fish and Chip Shop

Discover how a fish and chip shop experienced a 46% month-on-month growth with our virtual brands.
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The challenge

As a fish and chip shop owner, Bhasker knew there was potential to capture more of the delivery market. The challenge was knowing where to start and how to make it happen. 

After hearing about Peckwater Brands, Bhasker was pleased to learn that there was a company out there that could help him launch a successful delivery service from his existing kitchen. Our approach to developing the right brands and menus (as well as how affordable it is to start operating) made Peckwater the right choice for Bhasker. 

Bhasker's Fish and Chip Shop

The solution

We worked with Bhasker to launch three virtual brands in what was already a competitive delivery market. By week 16, Bhasker was receiving an additional £5000 a week in sales. 

During the launch, Bhasker was impressed with the commitment of our operations team, making sure all of his staff were properly trained and equipped to handle the extra orders.

Bhasker's Fish and Chip Shop
“My experience with the company is amazing. It’s more like my business family now.”
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