Allen's Fried Chicken Takeaway

Find out how Allen's Fried Chicken used virtual brands to maximise their capacity and boost online orders.
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The challenge

Mohammad was keen to sign up for Peckwater Brands after seeing how successful it was for a friend of his in the industry. The pandemic had affected his sales and he was keen to use his extra space and capacity to generate additional revenue. He was also finding it increasingly difficult to stay on top of food trends and engage with customers of all ages.

Allen's Fried Chicken Takeaway

The solution

Mohammad launched in 2021 with two of our chicken brands. For him, working with us has not only provided an additional revenue stream, but also solved his problem of engaging with a wider audience. The creation of our brands included analysing market data to get ahead of trends in the food industry - which is reflected by Mohammad’s customer base expanding to include younger members.

Allen's Fried Chicken Takeaway
“You guys do a great job. I have Seoul Chikin and Flip the Bird at the moment and for me it is perfect.”
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