November 4, 2021

Why Brilliant Branding is Key for your Restaurant

If you think branding is just for multinational franchises with large marketing and social media departments – think again! Any restaurant franchise, no matter how large or small, should actively focus on its brand.


Creating a brilliant brand involves every aspect of your food delivery business. From customers’ digital experience to delivery, packaging and the food itself – it covers every point that diners interact with your virtual kitchen brand.


A brilliant brand is essential for attracting new customers and keeping existing customers coming back for more. So with this in mind, we take a look at six key tips for creating a brand that truly resonates.


Why is branding so important for your restaurant franchise?


Competition amongst ghost kitchen brands is fierce. Without traditional restaurant premises, creating a visible and memorable brand comes with its own challenges – but it’s an integral part of building a sustainable business.


Customers are no longer simply looking for good food (that’s a given!), but also businesses that care about the environment, animal welfare, local ingredients – and did we mention super-fast delivery and first-rate customer service? There’s a lot to consider...


A great brand can communicate that your restaurant franchise meets (and exceeds!) customers’ expectations. So, how exactly do you “brand” a food delivery business?


How to create a brilliant brand for your ghost kitchen


A “brand” refers to the customer perception of your food franchise. It’s all about the way you want customers to remember your business. 

Brilliant branding should appear across your website, social media accounts, email marketing, delivery drivers and follow-up customer service. Here are six of the most important steps:


  1. Establish a clear vision for your virtual kitchen brand – what inspired you to create your restaurant franchise in the first place, and what is it that you want to achieve? This will be your guiding principle, driving your branding and staff training.

  1. Create a clear and coherent mission statement – make sure your intentions are communicated with clarity and consistency to staff and customers alike! Your mission statement should inform any marketing campaigns and product branding.

  1. Conduct market research into your competition – which virtual food brands are you competing with, and what sets your restaurant franchise out from the crowd? Think about ways you can “beat the competition” (whether that’s speed of service, quality of food, environmental concerns) and let your customers know!

  1. Utilise powerful visual design across your business – we’ve previously written about the do’s and don’ts of food delivery platform menu photos, but powerful visual elements really are key to creating a successful brand. This includes logos, digital banners, the colours on your menu, napkins, packaging… the list goes on! It all creates a good impression and encourages repeat custom.

  1. Set up an effective “multi-channel” brand strategy – ghost kitchen brands rely on online ordering for their business success. Connecting with your online customers is vital – but don’t forget traditional “word of mouth”! Encourage existing customers to refer new diners with discount codes and reinforce any digital branding with physical items. This will all build a clear, cohesive and memorable restaurant brand.

  1. Consistently analyse effectiveness and evolve your brand – just as you’d consistently develop your menu in response to customer feedback and demand, treat your brand in the same way. Track, analyse and improve your branding efforts, and you’ll build a virtual kitchen brand that evolves alongside your business.


The reward of creating a brilliant brand for your restaurant franchise? A truly sustainable food delivery business with a loyal, repeat customer base. Peckwater Brands provide existing kitchen operators with fully-serviced food concepts – so whether you’re a brand owner or kitchen operator, find out how we can help grow your business.

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