October 28, 2021

The Best Tech to Merge Your Delivery Platform Orders Into One Tablet

With no physical location to win-over new and existing customers – ghost kitchen brands rely entirely on their food delivery service. This includes the quality of the food itself, order efficiency and online presence and availability.


If your food franchise is managing orders flying in from multiple sources, things might start to go wrong. And when they do – we all know how a service can spiral out of control quickly!


To solve this problem, technology to merge delivery platform orders onto a single device is vital. It allows virtual kitchen brand operators to manage their orders efficiently and consistently meet customer expectations.

Here are three of the best tech solutions currently on the market...




From local diners to some of the largest multinational food franchises (such as Crepe Affaire, Pain Quotidien and Unilever), Deliverect works to deliver simplified, streamlined online orders.


This trusted tech provider allows virtual kitchen brands to collect all their orders in one place. Orders are synched with existing point-of-sale systems meaning that owners have full oversight at all times. This further allows for in-depth order reporting and analytics – to improve and grow your business.


As well as order management, Deliverect offers menu and stock management tools. This provides the ability to update online menus (and related inventories) all in the same place.




Bistrohub describe their services as the “first hub” for all your online food delivery needs. They allow restaurant and virtual kitchen brands alike to manage their online orders from a single interface. Like Deliverect, this can be fully integrated with your existing point-of-sale system.


Their quick and user-friendly system saves hours of staff time and training, whilst detailed order overviews and metrics allow ghost kitchen brands to make informed business decisions.




Otter is an innovative tech solution that focuses on empowering restaurant franchises to succeed in online food delivery. They’ve created a bespoke restaurant dashboard, so that ghost kitchen brands can log-in and access all orders and metrics from a single device.


With free trials and demos available, restaurant franchises can select from both front-of-house and back-of-house options – for both consolidated order management and station-specific ticket printing. 

Otter’s simplification and automation tools allow restaurant franchises to auto-confirm orders, mark items as out-of-stock and have access to dedicated tech support – all in one place.


Whilst we can’t get into every online order aggregator here, a few more (fantastic) tech solutions include:


  • Cuboh – all your online orders in a single device.
  • Ordermark – helping you take charge of your restaurant’s online ordering.
  • Olo – the interface between restaurants and on-demand food delivery.



Whilst there are many great companies allowing restaurant franchises to merge their food delivery orders into one device, Peckwater Brands choose to work with Deliverect. Deliverect gives virtual food brands the freedom to either integrate their online orders onto existing point-of-sale devices or access orders through their bespoke delivery manager app.


Thousands of restaurants and ghost kitchen brands (whether large or small) rely on Deliverect’s innovative technology to reduce order mistakes and streamline preparation. Get in touch with our friendly team at Peckwater Brands to discuss growing and streamlining your food delivery franchise.

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