November 15, 2021

The Benefits of Being on Multiple Delivery Platforms

If you run a restaurant franchise, the simple truth is that you need to be on multiple food delivery platforms. Why? Because that’s where your customers are.


Takeaway and food delivery services have skyrocketed during the pandemic. It’s a change that’s firmly here to stay. Indeed, the global online food delivery market is expected to grow to around $154 billion dollars by 2023. Ordering online has simply become the norm – with the average person having at least two food delivery apps on their phone.


Today, we take a look at the benefits of being on multiple food delivery platforms. From growing your brand to increasing sales and beating the competition, there’s plenty of advantages. Here are the five most important ways multiple platforms can help your virtual food brand.


1. Boosting your brand


Think of each online food delivery platform as an advertising board for your restaurant. If you were offered multiple print advertisements – you’d jump at the chance, right!? So why not online? Each listing is helping to get your food franchise in front of customers. This all helps to raise awareness, increase website traffic and orders.


2. Increase your reach


Every user will have their own “go to” food delivery platform. Whether it’s the ease of use, restaurant selection or deals available… there’s lots of factors. Whilst you can’t control all of this, you can ensure your food franchise appears on as many platforms as possible! Each platform will have a slightly different demographic profile, further increasing your restaurant’s reach and appeal.


3. Grow your sales


Boosting your brand and increasing your audience reach should all result in increased sales. By ensuring your restaurant franchise is positioned on as many platforms as possible, you’ll also grow your revenue. For instance, studies have shown that restaurants using three or more delivery platforms increase their sales by 70% (when compared with just one) – so what are you waiting for?


4. Beat the competition


Increasing the number of sales (and thus order revenue) is an essential way of getting your food franchise to the top of food delivery platforms and staying there. Being listed on multiple platforms will help with this and give your business a competitive advantage. Every time a potential diner searches for nearby restaurants, you’ll appear alongside (and hopefully higher than) the competition.


5. Comparing data


If your ghost kitchen brand appears across multiple food delivery platforms, you’ll have access to amazing data on your business. We’ve taken a look at how to analyse data to improve your food franchise, but do compare and evaluate how your restaurant franchise performs across each platform. This will help you decide which platforms to run promotions on, consequently improving your marketing return on investment.



If you’re thinking about listing your restaurant franchise on multiple food delivery platforms (and you should be!) – employing the right technology is crucial. We’ve already written about the best tech to merge your delivery platform orders into one tablet, so take a look at this. With the right tech solutions, you’ll be on top of managing orders, meeting your diners needs and growing your business.

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